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Me in Capri

What’s eating in instead all about?

Real food with local ingredients and an international flair.

I’m Ethel, a food obsessed, Asian American ex-pat living in North Africa (right now, it’s Morocco) with my husband and cat.  I love to travel and I remember the places I’ve been by the food I ate when I was there.  I’m always trying evoke “that vacation feeling” by making recipes from around the world. Sometimes, I’m trying to bring back “that home feeling” when I’m homesick for some place I’ve lived in the past.

From quick weeknight meals to dinner parties, I enjoy making things from scratch and eating in (okay, I like eating out too, but I really love eating in). Most days, I try not to let a small kitchen get me down (see the page “Our Kitchen” for pics).  I have a gas stove, a great chef’s knife, and access to fantastic ingredients. When I can do so without sacrificing flavor, I make healthy substitutions and avoid heavily processed foods.

I want everyone to start cooking and breaking bread together because in my world, great things happen over cozy, home-cooked meals, maybe even big things can happen — like world peace.  I believe that food cooked from the heart comes through in the flavors, especially when it isn’t perfectly shaped or elaborately plated.

I think I’d be willing to try almost any food once and picky eaters make me nervous. I never skip breakfast.  Oh, and olive oil. Always.


Want to contact me?  Send me a note at eatingininstead [at] gmail [dot] com.


My official taster, kitchen clean-up man, co-conspirator, and husband, Omar.

Omar in Egypt

Our cats, Beed and Capties.